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Friends, as with so many of you, my heart this week has been with all of those affected by Hurricane Harvey, but particularly those friends and family we know by name and whose faces personalize the disaster for us. This note is a reminder of some of the ways that we, as a part of the body of Christ, can be of assistance.

First and foremost, I invite you to be in prayer with me. Prayer for individuals and families who are struggling with what the future looks like, prayer for those who have lost loved ones that they might know God’s comfort, prayer of thanksgiving for first responders and others who have put themselves at risk to secure the safety of others, and prayer for God to work miracles in ways that we cannot even imagine.

I also encourage you to direct your giving through UMCOR. As most of you know, in times of disaster all donations made to the United Methodist Committee on Relief go directly to providing aid. Click here to see what they are already doing. You can also be preparing cleaning kits that UMCOR will be distributing in the near future. I will be sitting down with other local pastors in the coming week so that we can combine church resources in assembling these kits.

Finally, I encourage you to remember that in this messy world, God works through us and invites us to be part of God’s story of rebirth and recreation. Even in this time of disaster, the Holy Spirit empowers us to work together to make this world a better place.

Peace be with each of you and with all of you,
Pastor Steve

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